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I started journaling when I was 7 years old and now I have over 20 full journals I've written throughout my lifetime. Journals are my sacred space to express my true feelings and I'm always looking for new and interesting ones. I love the idea of having Andrew's artwork on these journals because to me it represents creativity, love, and passion. These are all qualities Andrew possessed and qualities I value. Some creative ways to use the journal: 
  1. Children's Doodle Journal: a place to doodle and draw his or her own creations, because if your child is like mine, he or she may be fond of using your journal, or walls, or business papers…
  2. Your own personal journal for all of your thoughts and dreams
  3. A journal you share with your kids where you write letters back and forth to each other

Description: Hardcover. Each journal is complete with a white ribbon attached at the top of the spine to help keep your place during your written journey. Inside Paper Stock: Blank, Acid Free.  Size: 5.75 x 7.5.
**Please note products will not be shipped until June 2015. Slight design and layout changes may occur.