Welcome to The Ellie Project!
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The Ellie Project

Welcome to The Ellie Project!

The Ellie Project is more than just an alphabet book, it’s a book that teaches character lessons to children through the final love letters of a dying father to his little girl.

Letter from the Co-author

Hi! I’m Bailey Heard, co-author of The Ellie Project! It has been my honor to get my husband Andrew’s book published and to be able to share it with you! Andrew barely finished this book before he passed away on July 26, 2013 from terminal cancer. He was only 30 years old. I can still envision my daughter’s legs dangling over the side of the hospital bed where Andrew laid in our home, father and daughter together drawing animals and spending precious time with each other. This was Ellie’s happy place and their drawings, paired with Andrew’s wisdom, would turn into The Ellie Project. Andrew’s heart’s desire for this book was to pass on some of his most important life lessons to our daughter, helping her to build character. My heart’s desire for publishing this book is, first and foremost, so Ellie knows how much her daddy loved her, and second, so the world knows what a special daddy Ellie had. What was most important to Andrew was that his life mattered and he made a difference. I want him to know he succeeded. I want Ellie to see how multi-talented and passionate her daddy was. With this book, I hope she sees what was inside of him is also inside of her, and that she, too, has the power to change the world for the better. I am proud to bring you this raw and authentic book that captures the essence of unconditional love through the illustrations and the final words of a loving father to his little girl. My hope is this silly and philosophical book full of humanity will touch your heart and remind each of us to cherish every moment we have with the ones we love. Happy Reading! Blessings and Love.

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